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Our conveyancing department is well known for the efficient way in which Leonora Swart with her highly skilled and friendly conveyancing secretaries attend to matters.

We live by the promise to offer our clients service excellence by:

  • Giving all matters equal attention in order to register as soon as possible;
  • Constantly giving honest, clear and accurate feedback on the progress of the transaction to all parties involved;
  • Being pro-active and resolving issues before it becomes a problem;
  • Replying on e-mails or returning your calls within 24 hours
  • Assisting clients with after hour signing of documents

We assist our clients with the transfer of immovable property anywhere in South Africa:   from the drafting and signing of the Offer to Purchase to the transfer of the property to the purchaser’s name in the Deeds Office.

Our Conveyancing clients range from:

  • estate agents
  • private sellers or buyers
  • developers;
  • property speculators
  • banks;
  • financial brokers.

We provide the following specialized services:

  • Drafting of various agreements related to property transfer
  • Advising parties on the content of an offer to purchase
  • Transfer of immovable property from the seller to the buyer;
  • Assisting clients with bond applications and thereafter bond registration
  • Opening of sectional title schemes (duets or blocks)
  • Extension of units in a sectional title scheme
  • Subdivision of land
  • Consolidation of land
  • Cancellation of servitudes or personal rights, registered in a title deed
  • Cancellation of the seller’s existing bond over a property
  • Assisting clients with back-to-back transactions
  • Transfer from deceased estates
  • Transfer of one half share / property in terms of divorce settlement

Leonora Swart has extensive knowledge and 22 years of experience with regards to property transfer related matters as well as with matters pertaining the registration of bonds over immovable properties.

For purpose of estate planning or financial planning, Leonora Swart will also be able to advise clients on their various options.

Download an Inforgaphic about the Conveyancing Process here:

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